Happy New Year from The Pasta ‘n’ Goulash team!
Sadly enough, our pop-up has ended on 22 December. We are back with some brand new events in 2018. If you would like to be informed about our next pop-up, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website. With love, P&G



The Budapest Bar and Kitchen has a unique approach to Hungarian food: take the country’s favourite comfort food dishes and transform them into simple, yet creative small plates. Co-owner and self-taught chef, Tamás Sápi, wants to encourage his guests to forget about the excessively portioned, rather heavy Hungarian dishes and instead try to focus on the quality of the ingredients and discover new exciting flavours in forms of sharing plates. 

The menu is meat-centric, well-rounded and ever-evolving:  think small plates such as the Pesti Goulash or the Vegan Goulash soup in bread bowl, the Vörösboros Marhapörkölt (beef stew in red wine), Rántott Savanyúság (fried pickles), the Full Hungarian (cheese and charcuterie platter with 2 shots of Pálinka to start with) and also mind-blowing winter specialities like Töltött Káposzta (stuffed cabbage rolls). Most of these dishes have dozens of variations across the country and the culinary team aims to feature one of these each week as The Chef's Special: just think about the Babgulyás (bean goulash) or the Székelykáposzta (beef stew with cabbage and sour cream) and we will also feature the famous Hurka-Kolbász (spicy hand-made sausage and blood sausage with mustard and fresh white bread).

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The Budapest Bar & Kitchen returns to London in order to celebrate the neon-lit ruin pub nightlife of the Hungarian capital. Expect traditional Hungarian flavours in forms of sharing plates along with wines, spirits and craft beers from all around Europe. This will be enjoyed alongside art exhibitions and Saturday night live music. The pop-up will be hosted in two railway arches boasting vintage furniture, brick walls, lots of re-purposed items and a beer garden.










New dates TBA 2018


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